Are you having difficulties maintaining and styling your bonsai trees?

You know what?  Me too and so as many other bonsai lovers.

My zelkova bonsai

My house roof (thatched) under repair

I moved from Tokyo to the countryside a few years back and started growing bonsai.  It was always on the top of my bucket list but couldn’t get myself started because of the busy city life.


Taking photographs is my other passion.



Why bonsai?

Love of growing plants
I’ve always loved growing plants.  One of my oldest plants is a money tree I bought at a dollar shop more than 30 years ago.

Love of art
My other passion is art.  Besides paintings, sculptures in marble (Greek, Italian, French) and wood (Buddhist carvings) fascinate me.

Bonsai is a form of art using plants.  A perfect match for me!

My zelkova bonsai

My zelkova bonsai

Growing bonsai is counter-intuitive; you plant a normal tree in a very small, shallow pot, winding branches with wires, and sometimes getting rid of all leaves soon after they sprout.  All of these are no doubt stressful for the plant and shouldn’t be done if you aren’t growing a bonsai tree.



Flowers of asahiyama cherry bonsai

My cherry bonsai in spring



Having knowledge about why and how you do with your bonsai trees may be a game changer for your trees’ style and health because it changed my trees.  And I’m excited to share with you everything I’ve learned so far about bonsai!